Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Peep Toes & Floral Sleeves

Floral Trumpet Sleeve Top

So, while it seems everyone is back to school, work or whatever, I'm right here back to blogging. And while I've taken such a long break from it, now that I'm back I've decided to change my tune a little. Let me break that down for you; instead of focusing on certain product promotion I'm going to put all my time and energy into making the perfect outfits and more. 

Take this outfit. Give me one place or situation in which you wouldn't wear this? It's stunning. I love minimal pieces like this and they're my absolute favourite to create. Top this with your favourite parka, biker or duster coat and honey you're ready to rock. Plus, who honestly doesn't love a new River Island bag? I mean, come on. Really, who? From office to outs, this one will take you  just about anywhere.

So what inspired me to put myself back out there and keep up with my digital footprint? While my parents are sunning themselves up in Sunny Side Santa Ponsa, I'm sat here house-sitting, kitty-sitting, own-butt-sitting, mastering the primary one school lunch box, initiating myself in the school run and blissfully stealing a squirt or two from my mother's perfume collection. So, after what I can only describe as a lazy Summer, here I am, back in action, and smelling like a bouquet. Sometimes, you need to pull yourself together, y'know?

I'd say if you stick around and click around the Dorothy Perkins page for a little while, you might just cop yourself an opportunity for free standard delivery! Yeah really, it might just pop up. And don't forget to check out the Topshop LFW Hub! TTFN x
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